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Artist's Statement

I have always been interested in the paradoxical nature of painting and have used invented forms and ambiguous spaces as a means by which I could approach the ideas of time, history, and uncertainty.

The most recent paintings have been much affected by my move from London to Florida, particularly in the use of high-pitched atmospheric color, clear light, reflective surfaces and low horizons.

The objects normally appear to be remnants or fragments of something else --ambiguous in terms of purpose, status, material, gravity and scale, painted with a mixture of verisimilitued, focus, atmosphere and timelessness.


Much of this is common to my earlier work which made use of the figure, sculptures and fragments of figures in the form of staged theatrical dramas, however the current work has been purified of visual quotations and literary references--another influence, perhaps of my move to America.

Although the general subject matter no longer includes the human figure, I have continued my interest in creating images which combine two seemingly opposite ideas—abstraction and representation.

This unlikely coexistence remains at the heart of my work.

~ Hugh Davies


Davies interview by Dragica Carlin

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